Japanese rapper KOHH【Tokyo’s recommended artists】

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hi. I’m dosuken.

I like hip-hop.

So I am listening for 24-7.


Today I will introduce my favorite music.

Even if it is, it is a real rapper.

I think that I am not even defeated to American rappers.



Awesome  Japanese rapper


That rapper’s name is 【KOHH】


First of all, kohh looks cool.

It’s like fabolous.

Stylish dress wacky clothes.

Mona Lisa tattoo on the neck.



貧乏なんて気にしない(I do not mind being poor)



His name is from the father who is in heaven.

He lives in an apartment complex.


He sings various experiences.



My Last Heart Break.


I am awesome favorite song.

Shaved hair suits you.


Hair shape changes well.



毎日だな(All days)



Kanye West’s song cover.

This song gave me excitement.

Tattoos are increasing.

kohh is saying.

「The best to live」

「I want to do things I want to do」

「ALL days」



It’s great.


paris/結局地元  (paris/After all the locality is good)



He lives in the OUJI of Tokyo.


It is fun to go abroad by locals.


how was it?


We look forward to the future of KOHH.



His brother also rapper

His brother’s name is LIL KOHH.


Young Forever.


A song as a elementary school student.

A tasteful song.





Car game song.

Cute voice.

At this time 12 years old.The blood type is AB.

Thank you





It was Dosken.

If English is wrong sorry.


Thank you for watching until the end.










この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
愛知県在住のイカれたアラサー*\(๑• ₃ •๑)*工場勤務の最下層から人生楽しみながら這い上がるぜぃ!

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